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Finally reached the $20 payout with this site and then never got paid.  I contacted admin. No reply. I tried to post in the forum.  Access denied.  I kept emailing admin and then I got a paypal payment a couple days later for A PENNY! 

Hmmm... $20 owed, $.01 received!!  I was insulted!!  When I contact admin again, I didn't get anything but 'u should have read TOS' as reply.

The TOS says (in a nutshell) that if they don't make a profit at time u request payout, then you agree to not get paid.  I assure you that wasn't there when I signed up or I wouldn't have bothered....

Just a heads up to everyone.  I wish I would have found out before clicking my way up to $20!!  We all know how long it takes to reach that on PTC!! 

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Hi Weezy, you should of checked our link above " Scams!! Sites That Dont Pay" would of saved you a little time & effort.

In future if you need to no about a site please ask here.

I'm a mod here also

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